Following your psychedelic journey, you will have a postexperience session with Macha, it’s critical that you process the meaning of your experience. This ‘integration’ should take place during the two to three months after your experience. 

Like Dr. Ben Sessa ( says ‘When people take drugs recreationally, like just go to a festival and take LSD and then go home, that’s where they tend to run into problems because there’s a lack of integration of the experience’.

“One of the key aims of integration, explains Francoise Bourzat (, is to carry the beneficial aspects of the psychedelic journey into everyday life. ‘If you have a beautiful experience of nature, and in the journey, you experienced beautiful birds, a meadow, then I would say you actually need to do that in your life. You need to cultivate that experience, and maintain that goodness that you connected with in the journey,’ she says. ‘Or say you connected with a loved one you had lost, and felt love and tenderness and dealt with unfinished business in the journey, then I would suggest some ritual in real life – writing to the deceased person or beginning a journal and making that part of your life.’