Meet Accua D' Luna

My story of transformation:

Accua D' Luna, a former Medical Laboratory Clinitian by profession who quit her hospital job in order to re-define the standards of "Medicine". In search of the truth behind the actions and intentions of large medical field coorporations, she found no answer. She believes every one has the right tools at their feet to surpass an ailment, what needs to happen is bring awareness to that message. Throughout her studies, Accua has developed a true method of self-healing by combining yoga - meditation - subconscious clearing - and self-healing affirmations called MoGa. By finding the true power of natural medicine is available for everyone to discover at no cost Accua founded Awake-n Organization, taking this knowledge to a worldwide audience who is ready to listen.

She is the Co-Founder at ASCEND - The Portal is within YOU, where they find ways of bringing holistic practices, healing modalities, workshop events, and teachings to patients all around while researching how true healing takes place inside, starting from the power one holds in their own hands. "The answer" Accua says "is always as clear as water, but you must close your eyes to see it".

Ancestral lineage:

Deep roots in the Mexican country, filled with culture and ancestral medicine. Taking from old traditions taught by the abuelitas and shamans, all the healing modalities and homemade remedies. Ancestors from the Middle East where Babylonia once existed and is now Levant, extremely rich in innovation and spiritual history,

My journey supporting hummanity:

Leader at #ifyouhealiheal Local Community Support Program.
Founder of Awake[N] Organization.
She is the Co-Founder at ASCEND - The Portal is within YOU.
Creator of the innovative healing modality MoGa.

Sacred plants:

Amazonian Rapé