Meet Macha

Here to help you find your truth, create your reality, the reality you want to be living in. Here to make you understand your belief system and your limits.

Learnings and skills
Earth Pulse Academy Training 

Remember program:

The inner child, relationships, purpose, abundance, prosperity, health, creativity, sex, wealth, death, connection to source

Facilitator Training:

  • Understanding the hero's journey
  • Seeing human psychology through spiral dynamics
  • Life changing conversations
  • The art of asking powerful questions
  • The art of space holding
  • The cultivation of clear vision as a healer
  • How to guide trauma and somatic experiences
  • High flame and low flame coaching methods - when and
  • How intuitive healing and navigating the emotional guidance system
  • How to access and work from a place of intuition
  • Guiding quantum shifting meditations and healing
  • methods
  • How to help people discover and integrate core beliefs
  • Fearless coaching techniques

Sacred plants: